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We are a small, independent press located in Northern New Jersey specializing in niche publishing of non-fiction titles.

Red Sox Review

Stang cover110 Years of Boston Red Sox Photos

by Mark Stang

List Price: $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-878282-70-5
Category: Sports History
Pub Date: 2011
Binding: Hardcover 10 x 9, 224 pages
To Place an Order Please Call: 201-387-1529
Email: d.biesel@verizon.net
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Over 260 black and white photographs span 110 years of baseball history
in this stunning collection of Red Sox images. From the days of Joe Cronin
and Bobby Doerr to Jim Rice and Carlton Fisk, the famous and forgotten
fill these pages and recall the glory of Boston Red Sox baseball. The book
covers the Red Sox from 1901 all the way through the 2011 season.

Culled from 14 public and private archives, this collection includes more
than 150 previously unpublished images. From the legendary Cy Young’s
pitching heroics in the earliest days of the 20th Century to a 20-year old
rookie named Ted Williams’s first days with the Red Sox in 1939. From
the wide-eyed innocence of a young Babe Ruth in 191so4 to Dustin Pedroia’s
focused intensity in 2008, these rare photos help bring to life the biggest
names in Boston Red Sox history.

Many of the older photographs were locked away in dusty files for
decades until appearing here for the first time. Printer’s mark were removed
and the detail in the images was revealed through careful restoration. Most
of the photographs have been reproduced to near their original size to
faithfully record what the photographer saw.

These photographs record the changing face of baseball through the
century by documenting the evolution of equipment, ballparks, uniforms
and batting styles. Players, managers, owners, and broadcasters-they’re all
here, with captions that bring their stories to life. From the glory days to the
agony of 1986 and beyond. From Babe Ruth to Carl Crawford and everyone
in between.

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Mark Stang is the award-winning author of eight books on major league baseball. Stang has authored similar photo collections on the Philadelphia Phillies, St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians and the Philadelphia Athletics. He has also co-authored books on the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals. He received the 1991 SABR/Macmillian Research award for his groundbreaking book, Baseball by the Numbers and the 1999 SABR/Sporting News award for Reds In Black and White.

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