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We are a small, independent press located in Northern New Jersey specializing in niche publishing of non-fiction titles.

Tenderly Calling

Tenderly Calling Cover

An Invitation To The Way Of Jesus
by Jim Burklo

List Price: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-937943-59-3
Category: Progressive Christianity
Pub Date: May 26, 2021
Binding: Paperback, 148 pages
To Place an Order Please Call: 201-387-1529
Email: d.biesel@verizon.net
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Jim Burklo attunes the reader to Jesus’ voice in Tenderly Calling. It is an invitation for those starting the path of Jesus, as well as for those setting out afresh. He invites the reader into the depths of the Bible’s transformative myth and poetry, into the practices of Christian contemplation, and into action, building the kingdom of heaven and earth. The way of Jesus is kindness: it is the open-hearted, open-minded, humble faith of a humble man.
For two decades, Jim Burklo’s books and blog entries have thrown spiritual lifelines to disillusioned Christians, offering them an alternative progressive form of the faith. Now, in Tenderly Calling, he addresses the growing population of people who know so little about the faith that they have little to unlearn. His book introduces the texts, rituals, symbols, and practices of the faith as raw material for the spiritual imagination, inviting the follower to creatively participate in the ongoing evolution of Christianity. Tenderly Calling is a welcome into the Christian faith that rings true for our time.

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