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We are a small, independent press located in Northern New Jersey specializing in niche publishing of non-fiction titles.

The Rose Bowl

A Modern History 1960 – 2008

by Raymond Schmidt

List Price: $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-878282-53-8
Category: Sports History
Pub Date: 2008
Binding: Hard Cover (8.5”x11”), 240 pages
To Place an Order Please Call: 201-387-1529
Email: d.biesel@verizon.net
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Despite its long-time dominance of the end-of-the-year bowl festivals, no recent reference book has covered in detail the games played in the Modern era of the Rose Bowl.  In this book, Raymond Schmidt has provided the reader with an in-depth look at each contest since 1960-how the teams got to the Bowl, the game competition and turning points, and the aftermath of the game.  He has drawn upon numerous sources to bring to life this major chapter in American college football history and to also provide a summary of the beginning years up to1960 and a detailed coverage since 1960.

Included are lists of the All-Time Rose Bowl Scores, head coaches, Most Valuable Players, and a comprehensive annotated bibliography.

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