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The United States Tackles the World Cup

Allaway-Jose Cover 2nd EditionSecond Edition
by Roger Allaway and Colin Jose

List Price: $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-878282-67-5
Category: Sports History
Pub Date: 2015
Binding: Paper, 224 pages
To Place an Order Please Call: 201-387-1529
Email: d.biesel@verizon.net
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The United States’ increasing success in international soccer in recent years has focused American attention on the sometimes obscure subject of past American efforts in the area. But this is not a subject that is obscure to the authors of this book. They have updated their ground-breaking work of 2002 and in this second edition bring the complete details up to 2010. The book details those performances, from the start of the men’s World Cup in 1930 through the 2010 World Cup. Every game that the United States has ever played in the men’s or women’s World Cup is here, including both qualifying games and games of the World Cup itself. This is total of 197 games, 151 for the men and 46 for the women (the Women’s World Cup wasn’t begun until 1991.) Each game is covered with a prose account and a detailed box score, including full lineups.

Also included are the full rosters of the nine men’s teams and five women’s teams that have played in the final tournament of the World Cup, including information on each player’s career.nt.

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